sunny coin

The World's First O2O Loyalty Platform & Ecosystem

Until the listing on June 20

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Our Mission

We are plannning to enrich the lives of all people
by distributing the Sunnycoin that can be used and given in all shops
as common point of world.

How sunny coin works

We have been conducting management and consulting over 2000 shops, internet business for more than 10 years.
We provide a system that enabling coexistance and co-prosoerity each other by setting goal as fusion of oline and offline.

Shops can get the latest system
what making increase the profit.
The system has made more new & regular customer, it realized over 20% increase revenue by The latest method that has never been used.

User can get Sunnycoin for free
by shopping at all shops worldwide.
Users can earn Sunnycoin by shopping at over 40million shops worldwide. Depending on the shops users can use Sunnycoin for the payment.

Bringing brilliant experience
for users and shops.
Users can touch the new experience about crypto currency without concious. Shops can capture new customer and make the customer to regular.

Profit for the users.

Users can touch the world of crypto currency without concious by shopping normally.
Being able to earn Sunnycoin like any points.

The value of Sunnycoin will increases as the number of users increases.

Please imagine the shop gives crypto currency! Are you excited??

Shopping will be Mining.

Users can earn Sunnycoin by shopping as usual.
The sunny good shops application will be used as the wallet for Sunnycoin.
By only installing the application without registering personal info,
Users will be able to experince the world of crypto currency naturally.

Sunnycoin is used easily.

Users will be able to use Sunnycoin for the payment at member shops,
exchange Sunnycoin to legal currency at the exchange.
The value of Sunnycoin will increases as the number of users increases.

Profit for the shops.

Shops will be able to get a new method of attracting customers.
The sunny good shops application is completely new way to generate new customers and regular customers.

The value of Sunnycoin will increases as the number of users increases.
Sunnycoin will provide the value that is higher than the amount with same burden as usual point.

The system has made more new & regular customer, it realized over 20% increase revenue by The latest method that has never been used.

Sunnycoin has the construction that will increase the value by itself.

The sunny good shops application must give Sunnycoin everytime the users shops,
Sunnycoin will be bought on the market mechanically without concerning the price is high or low.
This will generates stable buying pressure.

On the other hand the selling pressure will be low because most of users has only little amount.
Therefore, The value of Sunnycoin will rise steadily.

furthermore, whens the number of user more and more, the buying pressure will rise also.
Sunnycoin is easily imagined that it draws an upward-sloping curve steadily in proportion to the evolution of services.

Working product

sunny good shops

The sunny good shops application is O2O royalty & eco-system that costructed by the technology of blockchain.

Three features
  • Users will be able to earn Sunnycoin of \100 by only using coupon at member shops.
  • The shop that achived the user first will be given Sunnycoin of \50 everytime the user use the application.
  • By the Becon, users will get information about the shop to their smartphone by approaching the member shops.

Various shop's stamp card
to this one!!

Get \100
by using coupon or timesale!!

Get the chance for up to \1,000,0000
by bingo or completing the stamp!!

Deals delivered
to your smartphone!!

Searching valuable shops like shoes, bag etc
from the map!!


The application has been tested at our store in Harajuku,Tokyo.
We are studying daily the servise will be the best
for both shops and customers.

The sunny good shops is used by many celebrities.

Sunnycoin Market

Users will able to receive Sunnycoin by internet-shopping or receiving the internet-service via Market.

Get the Sunnycoin
  • Get \10~\100 by installing the application.
  • Get 1% of Sunnycoin that is apart from their point by shopping on Rakuten and Amazon.
  • Get \3,000~\10,000 of Sunnycoin by signning up the sunny credit card.

Already cooperated with over 5,000 company.

Debit Card / Credit Card

By the co-operated credit card(planned to issue on July.), Users will be rewarded 1% of Sunnycoin from the payment by shoppinng at any MasterCard member shops worldwide.
Furthermore, Sunnycoin is used for the payment by debit card at MasterCard member shops worldwide.

  • Card issuance for free
  • Free annual fee
  • 1% of Sunnycoin is given from the payment
  • Payment will be done automatically without exchanging to local currency.
  • Planning to issue on July 2019(the co-opereted credit card)



Other about 5,000 companies.


  • May 2018sunny good shops
    Ver.α released success
  • July 2018sunny good shops for Blockchain Reward development started. success
  • August 2018Office moved to Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo. Expanded the project member. success
  • November 2018Hired 60 employee from 1,300 entries. success
  • December2018sunny good shops
    Ver.β released.
    1,000 shops introduced. Achieve 10,000 users. success
  • January 2019TVCM、WEB commercial started. success
  • February 2019sunny good shops
    official version released.(Android version、Timesale & Bingo functions etc.) success
  • May 2019Sunnycoin listed.
  • July 20198,000 shops introduced, 1,000,000 users achieved.
    Co-operate credit card issued.
    Sea house promotion at Yuiga-hama, Kanagawa.
  • August 2019Sunnycoin listed.(2nd)
  • September 2019Sales started
    in Thailand, Malaysia, Hongkong.
  • October 2019Service promotion started worldwide.
  • November 2019sunny coin market
    Sunnycoin listed.(3rd)
  • December 201910,000 shops introduced、3,000.000 users achieved.
    SDK for the app released.
  • January 2020The first sunny coffee shop in Tokyo.
    (Aim for opening 100 shops in 3 years.)
  • February 2019EC site compatible API released.(Omni channel compatible)
    Sunnycoin listed.on top 3 exchanges(4rd)
  • March 2020Plug in
    for WEB Services (WordPress etc.)

SUN Tokens

Token Name
Token Issue Volume
Up to 30 billion
First year's lock-up release
300 million
Second year's lock-up release
100 million
Third year's lock-up release
100 million
Fourth year's lock-up release
100 million
Fifth year's lock-up release
24 billion

Launch and sale of SUN Tokens

※Pre-sales is not available for this project.
Please buy on crypto currency exchange.


Core Team

sunny coin